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Individual lab environments

Run you challenges on environments isolated from other players and solve them in your time without external inteference.

Regular contests to play live

We host regular and special/themed events that will put you knowledge to the limit while challenging your friends.

Exclusive Contents

Exercises that emulates real life vulnerabilities built by people who work with security day to day will help you improve your technical skills.

Gifts and Awards

Compete with other players for fame, fortune, ranking positions and lots of exclusive SHELLTER gifts and awards.


No, Shellter is made so that anyone who is interested in information security should be able to learn and practice.

It's interest that you have some familiarity with I.T. If you are really willing to learn computer security, Shellter should get you going.

Shellter is about information security. We have lessons and exercises on different skills of that area like Reverse Engineering, Web Application Security, Mobile Security, Forensics, Coding, Exploit Writing and more.

Nothing. You have full access to Shellter, all the challenges, compete for points and prizes on the contest for FREE. What are you waiting to register, btw?

Yes. We have asked for permition to host all challenges from past contests that we host at Shellter.

Yes! If you organized a contest in the past, or have some challenge you would like to make it available, contact us at

Yes! We can host and help you organize your contest. Wheter inside your Company, University, School or Conference. Contact us at

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