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What can I do at Shellter?

Shellter Labs is not just a forum or group of information security enthusiasts, we are a complete platform for organizing practical events, promoting learning content, socializing and build a relationship between professionals and companies, helping discover outstanding professionals through practical challenge resolution and live events.

Robust and evolving platform

Our platform has already been successfully used in many events and conferences around the world. We are always improving with new features and technologies.

Host your contests

We are ready to host your event with full support and cloud infrastructure. We provide the environment for you to manage your private or public event. You can promote an internal event to build/improve your team or a public event open worldwide.

Find top technical talents

The most efficient way to find technical candidates. Publish your job opportunity, find the right talent for your company. Produce contests and challenges to evaluate candidates.

Promote your training

We have public and private training learning paths, that can be produced by third parties and partners.

Connect yourself with our network

Share your company's mindset with our large audience across the world. We have more than 5000 users in more than 20 countries.

Promote your company to the world

You can sponsor our events and advertise your brand/service/product to our audience. We produce live public events with exclusive challenges every 15 days.

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Stats about us

We truly believe that information security is a key knowledge in this new era, and the practical knowledge is what makes the difference in our day-to-day jobs.

Shellter Labs' team consists of professionals working in the areas of information security and software engineering. We have more than 7 years of experience participating in national and international competitions, having won several of these events, including programming marathon's.

We have 16144 registered users from 88 different countries. Our platform has already been used in use in corporate training and university classes. Besides the use in several national and international events such as:

  • WTISC / Ceará, Brazil
  • University Meetings / Ceará, Brazil
  • JISIC / Ecuador
  • Universidade Livre / Belém, Brazil



Summary of Plans

Short details about our services.

Event Hosting


Event Hosting Service provides a complete infrastructure to support individual and team events.

  • Public and private events
  • Add your own content
  • Real time scoreboard
  • Event statistics report
  • Online 24/7 support
  • Production of exclusive content
  • Use database of challenges
  • Marketing of the event on Shellter

Job Announcement


Announcement of job opportunities within the platform

  • Publish jobs at Shellter
  • Maintain a company profile at Shellter Labs
  • Interact with professionals within the platform

Talent Recruit


Seek for professionals of your interest within the platform

  • Promote an opportunity with Shellter Labs challenges
  • Search for professionals into the platform with exclusive filters

Talent Selection


Select the right professionals in your hiring process

  • Promote an opportunity with exclusive challenges
  • Use Shellter Labs in your private recruitment process