Lesson 1


welcome to Shellter Labs and the amazing world of information security. Are you excited to start learning a little bit more about infosec?

Shellter is a platform that aims to promote learning and contests in the information security field, generating networking and socialization among users and companies. Here you will be able to learn, practice and develop your security skills.

In this introduction you will learn the basics of information security, and also how to start playing with Shellter and
solving challenges on your own.

There are currently 7 categories on Shellter. They are Web Security, Reverse Engineering, Forensics, Cryptography, Remote Exploitation, Programming and Miscellaneous. Those are the main skills you will need in infosec. In your profile page you can see your progress in each one.

In the following lessons, we will tell you more about theses categories, and also show you practical examples on how to start solving challenges each one of them.

By the end of this introduction, you will have scored your way up in the ranking and after that you will be able to continue practicing and solving more and more challenges so you can climb up to the top of the ranking.

Good hacking!