Issues with ASCII encoding

Issues with ASCII encoding  

  Por: Turbografx16 em 29 de Agosto de 2017 às 01:15

So there's a tutorial challenge ( And the decimal encoded ASCII string gives me what looks like a flag: [CENSORED] however, this flag looks weird, and it contains an extended ASCII character. I've tried omitting all characters that aren't lowercase, i've tried omitting symbols, i've tried with and without the extended ASCII character, and nothing has been accepted. I'm not sure what's wrong, as i clearly have the flag, but for some reason it hasn't been accepted. I mean, this challenge isn't rocket science, so i don't know what's wrong.

Re: Issues with ASCII encoding  

  Por: sauloh em 29 de Agosto de 2017 às 14:46

Hi Turbografx16,

You are really close to the flag, but you don't have it completly yet. Look closely to those you called "extended ASCII character". There are no such characters in the flag. You might be missing a few details in the convertion.