Suggestion for support about noobs

Suggestion for support about noobs  

  Por: MarcoATGarcia em 18 de Novembro de 2017 às 20:42

Hi. Regarding who is starting here, in this website, my small suggestion for who manage the things arround here is, or you either explain what kind of knowledge and tools we need to know/have, or you teach/explain/show in each class new tools or software we should have. For example, the first hidden challenge (URL hidden on the source page). You guys don't give any instructions about using Burp, for example. And in the classes after, is the same thing. You give challenges but don't show any example.

I really love this area of IT but you guys created an expectation which turn to be far beyond.

Re: Suggestion for support about noobs  

  Por: shellterlabs em 19 de Novembro de 2017 às 18:46

Hello, MarcioATGarcia!

We thank you for your suggestions and recommendations, we will consider them and seek to improve the quality of the lessons and all content in general. The purpose of the initial lessons is not to teach how to use the tools but rather the basic concept, that is, it does not intend to go deep in the content in that first moment.

In the reverse engineering lesson, there is an exclusive section where various tools are listed with a brief description and reference links for further research and study, and the following section presents a practical use of the GDB tool, showing step by step how to use it to solve a problem. In addition, there are recommended links for additional readings, where you can further deepen your knowledge to learning the subject.

If possible, we suggest that you re-read the lessons calmly by observing all the tips presented, as well as the links and additional readings. Nothing is needed other than what is presented to solve the lesson's challenges.

Whenever questions arise, feel free to post here in the forum, presenting your difficulties and what you have tried to do to solve that I'm sure someone will always appear to help you to make progress.

Enjoy your studies :)

Re: Suggestion for support about noobs  

  Por: MarcoATGarcia em 29 de Novembro de 2017 às 07:41

Hi. I manage to complete the challenge. I had some divine inspirition. It's actually much easier that I was expecting. But tell me, is necessary to install Linux in my windows, right? I don't want to install anything before having sure of that.


Marco AT Garcia

Re: Suggestion for support about noobs  

  Por: nabuco em 1 de Dezembro de 2017 às 12:14

Hi, MarcoATGarcia! Congratulations for completing the challenge!

Linux have several tools that you help you to analyze all sorts of things and accomplish many tasks. It will be nice if you could use it as well. But you don't have to install it in your host machine. The suggestion that I give you is to install it in a virtual machine using solutions like Virtual Box ( or VMware (

A common linux distro used by security analysts and penetration testers is Kali (

Kali Linux is based on Debian distribution but it is specially designed for penetration testing. It comes with several tools already installed and ready to use.



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